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The beginning

We solve your problems

The best ideas come mid-life. For Corinna this meant quite simply to do the shopping for her partner (now husband). During this time not only were the first outfits created, but also the idea for MODOMOTO as a brand.

MODOMOTO founder Corinna Powalla on one of the first shopping tours for her partner (now husband) in 2011.

Focusing on our customers

Try on your outfits in Berlin Mitte

It is our goal to advise you as well as possible. In 2014 we opened the Fitting Room in Berlin. If you're in town, you just come by. This way we can see exactly what suits you - and match your taste even better with every outfit.

An outfit is never styled twice. We always look at what suits your individuality.

Our growth

Growing with distinction

All of a sudden in 2014 the 100,000th box made its way to a new owner. For us, the most important praise was clearly the loyalty of our customers, which was duly noted with every order. Awards such as the Handelsblatt and E-Stars also fuelled our motivaton and were a real incentive.

We were fortunate to receive direct customer feedback - every day with every box.


Real men, not models

You wear your outfits from day to day, together with family, friends, for work and for yourself; not for a poster! And behind every outfit there's a real customer which is why it's so important for us to keep you close - so we can make you look great in a relaxed way.

Each Box is styled to fit a personal lifestyle. That's why each and every outfit is unique to you.

We dress men

MODOMOTO is Germany's first and largest Curated Shopping Service for men: this means you'll never have to go shopping again. We'll do that for you and send you outfits to try on in the comfort of your own home.

In 2011 Corinna Powalla started with just one stylist in a small office space in Berlin. Today, over 250 employees deliver our product to the homes of customers in 8 European countries. We deliver our passion and expertise in every box to over 250,000 customers who place their trust in us, giving them the stylish looks which they deserve.

From the heart of Berlin, we continue to work on revolutionising the market for mens fashion, so that fashion revolves around you and your day to day life again. MODOMOTO - Well dressed without shopping.

Founded for you


Head office in


Outfits for

7 countries



People behind the outfits

“We share a lot of ideas in the team, ie "what works for longer arms" or "how do we combine tweed into a business casual look?"”

Nick reports to his team

“What doesn't fit, we don’t make it fit. Our customers deserve outfits suited to them, and not just pieces from the latest fashion.”

Joffrey values individualism

It was a special day for Nina; a professional photographer accompanied her throughout her working day.

“When after years the question comes as to whether a blazer can be worn for a sons' christening, that's something special.”

Juliane, Senior Stylist

At MODOMOTO, our employees are as valuable as our customers. Our teams have often worked together for years.

“Every day we aim to make our customers feel great. Detail and creativity are absolutely essential.”

Ellen, Fashion Coach

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